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    2 Problems (or maybe 1?) in Premiere CS4

    Brad Torreano

      I have a recent issue with Adobe Premiere CS4 (Version 4.1) that I need resolved. I have been mastering several 30 minute programs to DV-Cam over the last week when the process began to get buggy on Friday (i.e. the export would freeze or suddenly I'd get multiple dropped frames). On Monday morning Premiere started just fine, I did a quick project, and about an hour and a half into my day the Media Encoder crashed, quickly followed by Premiere.


      When I tried to re-open Premiere, it crashed every time it reached the ExporterAVI.prm, and Media Encoder did the same. When I isolated that prm from the plug-ins folder, the program ran fine but gave me no options for Microsoft AVIs anymore.


      I've installed nothing new recently and the only thing I could think of that might be screwing it up is that I had viewed a client's footage on Sunday off of a hard drive and that footage was comprised of several different file formats and codecs, including a divx file.


      It feels like my problem started on Friday and built to yesterday's crash, but I understand that these issues could be unrelated because of the files I viewed on Sunday. Regardless, I'm open to any and all feedback on these problems.


      I'm currently running Vista 64 w/a Matrox Axio LE card (using Axio.utils Version and NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX for my display card (running driver I have the Matrox acceleration effects enabled in Premiere in case that makes a difference.