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    JavaScript in  error when using radio buttons


      I'm using CS3 with ASP to insert a long form into an access database.


      When I try to get DW to build the INSERT statement, I get the following error:


      "While executing onLoad in Insert Record.htm, the folloing JavaScript error(s) occurred:


      At line 1202 of file C:\Program files .....\Shared\EditOperation.js: TypeError:tagList[j].type has no properties"


      I've narrowed it down to a problem with radio buttons. I've commented out all the radio buttons, and the build goes smoothly. Uncomment just one radio button, and the error comes back. I've checked the EditOperations.js file and that section does deal with radio buttons.


      The problem seems only to occur on this page.


      I'm tempted to just use yes/no dropdown boxes instead, but that's clunky.


      I've done all the recommended fixes: deleted the user config file, rebuilt the site cache, deleted all extensions. I've removed all javascript functions from the page etc.


      Any ideas or suggestions?


      Thanks, bill