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    Class MovieClip Extends ..how to initialize different URL's?

    chrisatflash Level 1
      Hello, I have made this class. And in my fla file i made a movieclip and linked this class to it.
      When it's on the stage it automatically initialize the funtion that i made in the class.
      But if i make copies of this movieclip i cannot change the url of the picture anymore.

      Does anyone know how to do this?

      You can download this example at: (fla + as class file)

      I was thinking of something like this:
      laadmij:laadFoto = new laadFoto("foto1.jpg");
      laadmij2:laadFoto = new laadFoto("foto2.jpg");
      laadmij3:laadFoto = new laadFoto("foto3.jpg");

      But that does not work.