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    CS4 Generic Import Error


      I have a project that was exported using the project manager, all files, in Premiere CS3 on another workstation. The folder was copied to a portable HDD and copied onto one of my edit drives.  In this project were many, (400), PSD files with layers.

      When I went to open the project, got a message that it needed to be converted to CS4. I am now getting a File Import Error and the Error Message, "The importer reported a generic error." and it is on every PSD file.


      I really hope Adobe has a fix for this cause it's NOT ACCEPTABLE.  We've gone to great lengths  (and cost), to put Adobe suites on all of our workstations due to the belief that everything was 'compatible'.   Help me out here Adobe, I can't afford to take the time to re-import every PSD file and arrange the layers in the project.



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          Update....it was only tow files that were messing up. I hit ok, and skip, and somehow, the other files are imported correctly.


          BUT, we discovered another problem where the CS3 didn't save raw video files to the folder when using the project manager to export the project. Preview files are o.k. but my video source files are missing.