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    Unable to modify base template properties for pages linked to nested templates


      I have one parent (base) template and a series of child (nested) templates. I have added a few new optional regions to the parent template after the nested templates and corresponding pages had already been created.


      The new optional regions are showing up in the template properties box of the child templates but they are not showing up in the pages of those templates so I have no way of toggling the display to true or false on a page basis.


      If I toggle the optional region's display value to true on the nested template, then that region will display on the page that is controlled by the nested template, but I have no way to control it at the page level because it is totally missing from the template property box.


      This doesn't make sense to me at all and I can't figure out why this would be happening.


      I'm using DM CS4 Win and have been struggling with this for a while and have wasted considerable amounts time on something that, quite frankly, should be obvious.


      Please help.