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    Correct overlocalized features

    susmur Level 1

      The English Framemaker version creates the table of contents as a TOC file and expects paragraph styles with a TOC suffix. The German version creates an IVZ file and expects the corresponding suffix in paragraph styles. Indexes are processed in a similar manner. This "feature" is of no use and makes it difficult to work in environments where mutliple language versions of FrameMaker are installed. I've already spent weeks on fixing the issues caused by overlocalization. I wish FrameMaker would just use the same suffixes across all languages versions - that would make life so much easier. Obviously, there should be the option to process existing FrameMaker books without modification, but also to migrate them automatically.

      I also see no need for localized EDDs. But if EDDs have to be in German, they should at least display all elements instead of omitting the "ElseIf"...