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    Trouble Getting Objects off Stage after tween




      I am currently trying to set up a stand alone video player for justin.tv that will run on my website.  I want this stand alone player to be password protected.  I've already found some great examples on how to set up the basic justin.tv feed and also how to password protect the player via an external php file call.


      I am having two problems.  If anyone could help ferret out what the holdups are I would appreciate it.  If you want to test the movie right now the user and pwd are bob and bob2 respectively.  The fla and php file are included.


      1. After I input the username and password and try to mouse click on the login button I am getting the "wrong username and password" trace.  On the other hand, when after I put in the user and password and tab select and then hit the enter button it works fine. At least in the video tester in CS4. What gives?
      2. After the justin.tv video stream starts, all my login objects are still up on the screen in their frame 1 positions.  Why is that? I've tried everything I know how to do to get them to go away and nothing is working.


      Thanks for all your insights.