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    result event on update operation using Hibernate data service

    Hodmi Level 4

      I have a Data/Services connection to a hibernate LCDS 3.0 service (running on Tomcat against an Oracle DB). The "Connect to LCDS" wizard created a service with with create, delete, update and fill operations as well as a data type (very nice).



      One of the things that the service contains is a ByteArray that gets pushed via the data service.  I want to know when the data transfer is complete so I can notify the user.


      When I use the create operation the service returns an asynchronous token with a ResultEvent - so I know that its done - good stuff.


      However, when I use the update operation the ResultEvent never seems to fire.  I looked at the generated code and it looks like update operation should return a mx.rpc.AsyncToken, but the result event on the associated CallResponder never seems to fire.


      Is there something I'm missing?