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    Reader 9 registry keys for .ADM - check for updates




      I use a custom group policy ADM template I found online to manage Acrobat in our domain.


      What I'd like to do is find the registry keys to disable Acrobat from checking for updates every week because we manage the patches and user's can't install it anyway.


      I even used Windiff to compare the entire registry after I changed the Adobe Updater Preferences from every week to every month and changed the radio button to "Ask me before...". Windiff says there are no digistry differences after I made the changes. I then tried to change the File Location field to a "C:\junkfolder" and searched the registry which didn't return a result.


      This makes me think that the setting is stored in some binary setting in the application itself. How can this be managed through a registry key for GPOs? I'd guess this was changed when the new Adobe Updater came along?


      There's this example from the ADM template, but I don't think it works. The key doesn't exist.


      POLICY "Check for updates at start"


         EXPLAIN "When set to Enabled Acrobat Reader will check for updates at startup.  When set to Disabled Acrobat Reader will not check for updates at startup."
         KEYNAME "Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\9.0\AVGeneral"
         VALUENAME "bCheckForUpdatesAtStartup"

        END POLICY


      I've found the same issue with "disable browser integration". There's no registry key unless you create one called "bBrowserIntegration" but if it doesn't already exist the GPO won't work.