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    Spark Component TextArea Performance Issues


      The spark component TextArea cannot handle large text volumes gracefully. I am using a simple ascii file that is about 1.2 mg in size and I experience the following problems:


      1. Pasting the 1.2 mg of text in the TextArea takes a very long time (about 20-30 second). I get a message that the request timed out then the text is finally shown in the text area.

      2. Once the text is in the TextArea, paging up and down fast (that is not waiting for the previous page up and page down to complete) can cause the application to freeze. It takes a long time for it to come back.

      3. Selecting a large chunck of data and doing cut/paste/delete can also cause a freeze that may take a 20 or more seconds.


      The new spark.components.TextArea is definitely an improvement over mx.controls.TextArea but still has serious performance issues. A simple HTML text area seems to process the same volume without any issues (except some delay at the initial loading). Is there a chance these issues will be addressed before the release of FlashBuilder 4.0? is there a work around?