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    Does Elements support imported closed-captioning?


      Using Elements 2.0.  Ripped a self-produced DVD containing closed captioning on it (line 21); added that media to Elements; the resulting exported MPEG had no closed-captioning on it, or none was detected by the "ccextractor".  Trying to determine if the closed captioning is lost in Elements, or if the MPEG player does not recognize line 21 - it's an Adtec Soloist Pro-HD.  Thanks for any suggestions or help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          PrE supports no CC, or Subtitles (the real ones, and not just lower-thirds burned into the video).


          I do not believe that PrPro will do this either.


          Now, going the other direction, Encore, the authoring app bundled with PrPro, will allow Line 21 on DVD-Video (and BD, IIRC), but that is the wrong direction.


          Since Line 21 is a function to be dictated via menu (or remote) on a DVD-Video, I rather doubt that you'll find many, if any, NLE's that can rip it off the DVD.


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