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    cloning stamp tool causes ae to freeze


      I have just begun a project in AE CS4 where I am using the cloning tool for the first time.  I have used this tool extensively in Photoshop with no problems.  But in AE the program freezes for no apparent reason.  I can be using the stamp for the first time or the 50th time.  There's no logical sequence of events that leads to a freeze.  Sometimes I can recover without completely closing out by going to the Task Manager, but again there is no consistancy as to when it will recover and when it will freeze.  While the tool is working, it is performing just fine.


      I have just upgraded to Win7 Premium, so I have no history with this tool in earlier versions.  I have an ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card with 512mb vram.  My system has 4gb of memory.  All of my drivers are updated and I performed a clean install of Win7.


      One other thing I noticed when I began using Task Manager to try to recover is that while there is only one instance of Adobe After Effects listing under Applications, there are usually 5 instances of "AfterEffects.exe *32" listed under the Processes.  Four instances in this project show a usage of 163mb and one shows 287mb.  This last one is the only one that ever indicates any activity under the CPU column.  Is this correct?


      Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks - Bob

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Two questions:


          - Have you applied the After Effects CS4 (9.0.2) update? If not, then do so.


          - Are you using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing? If so, don't---not with only 4GB of RAM. See this post for recommendations about memory and CPU allocations.


          I don't know that either of these things is your problem, but they're the first two common issues to get out of the way.

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            rchorne1 Level 1

            Thank you for the ideas.


            Yes, I am running 9.0.2.  I should have mentioned that.  As for the other suggestion, I'll have to wait to get to work to check that out.


            Do the multiple listings of AE under Processes make sense?  I have been able to clear all but the active one and still work in AE.  That doesn't solve this particular  problem, but I was just wondering if this is what should be happening?

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > Do the multiple listings of AE under Processes make sense? 



              If you have Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing turned on, then After Effects can start multiple processes of itself to render multiple frames in parallel. You don't have enough RAM to use this feature, so you should make sure that this is turned off. It is possible that you have this turned on, and the multiple processes are starting but don't have enough RAM to do anything useful. Also, this may be a problem with not leaving enough RAM for other software. Again, this post is intended to help to steer people away from settings that can cause performance and stability problems.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                As Todd was indicating, turn off MP. It is of no use here, at least not long before actually rendering for final output. There was some weird issue with paint tools and motion sketching, but that should have been fixed in the latest update, so I have no idea what else might be going on.



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                  rchorne1 Level 1

                  Thank you both your your advice.


                  I have eliminated the Multiprocessing (and Todd thank you for explaining the multiple occurences of AE in the Processing tab of Task Manager!), but the program still freezes.  In the System box, "Total After Effects memory usage" indicates 2.4 gb.  The system defaulted a value of .5 gb for "Ram to leave for other applications."  I tried increasing that to 1 gb...no help.  I checked the "Prevent DLL Address Space Fragmentation."  No help.


                  At this point my peanut-sized brain doesn't know what else to do but hit Ctrl+S often and hope to get as much done as possible before AE freezes each time.


                  I am certainly open to more ideas and suggestions!!!

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    What kind of source footage are you using? Can you reproduce this problem with a new, clean project with just a solid layer?


                    Are you using OpenGL? If so, try disabling it.


                    BTW, don't hesitate to send bug reports directly to the After Effects team when you encounter problems like this: bug-report / feature-request form

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                      rchorne1 Level 1



                      I was actually going to try opening a new project this afternoon.  The one I've been working on involves about 3 minutes of poor quality 16mm B&W film from the early '60's.  I'm using the cloning stamp to eliminate scratches, dirt, etc, going frame-by-frame.  I had already done quite a bit to the project before I started cleaning it up, so it's quite possible there's something weird floating around in it.


                      As for OpenGL, I have tried it both ways.  When I create the new project, I'll probably begin with it on and see what happens.


                      Unfortunately, I have had to jump into another project and will not be able to get back to the troubling one for a little while.  I'll post my results.


                      Thank you for you thoughts and time,

                      Bob Horne


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                        rchorne1 Level 1

                        Well, I have been futzing with a clean project comprised of nothing more than a solid layer, and I'm STILL having the same problem!  I have played around with tweaking all of the preferences, closing different running processes, and even drinking from the wrong side of the coffee cup, but nothing seems to help.  At this point I think I'll go a whole 'nother route and break the original film into 500 frame clips and import each clip individually into Photoshop and clean them from there.


                        I would love to be able to do this in AE, so if anyone ever runs across a solution, please let me know.


                        Thanks to everyone for their interest!



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                          Lucien Xavier

                          I've had a similar problem.

                          I encountered it on an iMac, stats look like this:


                          2.8GHz Intel Quad-Core i7

                          8GB DDR3
                          ATI Radeon HD 4850 512Mb




                          Mine would crash a 42 frames in, then if I started a new comp from within the project it would freeze every 15 frames.


                          I was very mad about it. I'll try the updates and see if it still happens.