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    DVCAM & Beta SP setup question

    JBrown321 Level 1

      One of our editors may be switching to Premiere CS4 from Avid in the near future.  The Avid Mojo lets him connect a Beta SP deck and a DVCAM deck along with all the audio related stuff. It is then connected via firewire.  I believe that deck control is available through a RS232 connection on the back of the computer that runs to a switcher. I guess Avid can communicate through this cable to the decks.  My question is how would I set up his system only for Premiere? I want him to have access to and to be able to capture from the Beta and DVCAM players( possibly having a switch of some kind to control the signal going to the pc) and to also have deck control.  What kind of hardware do I need?  These decks don't have firewire, but they do ahve s-video and component on BNC connectors. Is there a switcher that can accept these sources and then send a firewire out to the pc?  Will I have deck control from Premiere?  Can I use a blackmagic card with the BNC inputs and will this change the type of file Premiere captures?  I know I am asking alot of questions, but maybe someone has a similar setup using DVCAM and Beta Sp decks, and how they capture, control, and master back to tape.


      Thanks for any help.