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    Center content area pushed down in IE - DW three column liquid header/footer template

    JohnC_in_Texas Level 1

      Here's the page I'm working on.


      Safari, Chrome, and of course FF all display the top of the three content areas div's flush to the bottom of the div above (.thrColLiqHdr #navBar) Good old IE8 displaced the center div maybe 10 px lower than the left/right divs. I can move down the left/right div's, but that's sort of a hack and it looks weird if I use a left/right border in the center div.


      The left div is>  .thrColLiqHdr #sidebarLeft


      Center div is>   thrColLiqHdr #mainContent


      The right div is>  .thrColLiqHdr #sidebarRight


      I guess IE continues to be a big PITA ...