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    Call JavaScript from a stand-alone SWF (outside of browser) ?

    somascope Level 3

      Can a SWF file, viewed locally in a folder on my PC, make a call to a function in a JavaScript file?


      I am facing a project where the technical architect is prescribing that all content exist in an all-in-one, giant JavaScript file. With my usual external content experience working with XML, I have always been able to load in XML into the SWF directly (for example, while viewing the SWF in the Flash authoring environment - a very speedy way to view your SWF), as well as when the SWF is actually viewed in the website. However, with the JavaScript approach, my only experience tells me that the SWF has to be embedded in HTML before it has access to the JS functions.


      Does anybody know how this - or if this - can be achieved?


      Without knowing any better, I'd guess that the SWF file has to directly get acces to the *.js file before it could call a function...


      Thanks in advance!