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    swfLoader scaleContent behavior

      I have an application that uses swfLoader. The loaded application has a view stack. In each layer in the view stack is an image that I am attaching Text Input fields to specific x,y locations on the image. I want to have the image scale to fill the available space in the swfLoader and the x,y coordinates of the TextInput fields scale based upon the size of the image and the dimensions of the source image. I do the coordinate scaling using an event handler in the updateComplete of the Image.

      It all works flawlessly when the swf runs outside the swfLoader However, inside the swfLoader the x,y coordinate scaling is off on the first layer in the view stack but again is perfect on successive layers of the view stack.

      Does anyone have an idea on why this might be occurring?

      If I turn scaleContent off on the swfLoader, the fields lay out correctly, but the image will not fill the available space.