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    Selected slices won't export!


      Fireworks CS4 is not exporting selected slices.

      All fields are entered/checked correctly:


      1. File name is entered
      2. Export: images only
      3. Slices: Export slices
      4. Selected slices only
      5. Current page only

      I have no idea what is wrong.

      Please help.


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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Would you please post your FW PNG file?

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            oyvay Level 1



            Thank you for your response.

            I prefrer not to post this PNG as it's for a client.


            However, I discovered the problem: it's overlapping slices.


            When I create a complex graphic for a web page, I like to export the background separately.

            Then I export the smaller images that lie on top and, working in DW, use CSS absolute positoning to place them.


            Apparently this method of working doesn't work in FW CS4.


            Is there a methodology for working with overlapping slices?

            Or should I just forget about this way of working?


            I haven't been able to find much about this topic in the Adobe forums--except to say "don't do it."


            Thank you for any advice you might have to offer.

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Use separate pages and apply the slices on a page by page basis. For example, put your background image on it's own page and slice that image alone. The other page can contain the rest of the design.


              Make sure the slice names are not identical or you will overwrite your work.


              Jim Babbage

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                oyvay Level 1

                A belated thank you.  I have been out of commission with the flu.


                Too bad FW can't recognize slices in multiple layers in the same document.

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                  I can confirm that this is still an open issue in FW CS5 on Mac. Even on separate pages this problem shows up. It's not a consistent problem, but it's quite annoying when you have a complex document with careful slicing setup.


                  When this happens I do a "Save as..." and kill the offending slices in the copy.

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                    Jim_Babbage Level 4

                    >>Too bad FW can't recognize slices in multiple layers in the same document.<<


                    Perhaps, but again, using pages circumvents this issue. Remember that the hierarchy for a Fireworks page (even before multiple pages were possible) is:


                    Web layer




                    The Web layer covers all states and layers in a page. That's one of the reasons the web layer is separate from standard image layers. It can't be deleted, even if it's empty.


                    States allow for layer (or layer contents) visibility on a state-by-state basis when you have a multi-state document. Content in the same layer of each state can also be completely different. This opens up options for more than just rollover effects. It means that a secon state (or a 10th state) could display a unique graphic element, like a login screen, or a change to the layout (or state) of an application, based on proposed user interaction.


                    When the Pages feature was introduced, we were given added flexibility; because the web layer affected all states/layers, and overlapping slices is problematic at best, pages allowed for a duplicate page to be created which had its *own* web layer, totally independent of any other page in the document.


                    I think this concept is lost on many people. The automatic assumption seems to be that pages are for mocking up a protoype or wireframe so each page is somewhat unique in content. And that's great for prototyping. But the pages feature also gives us the flexibility to slice a document in different ways, as per my example above. Two pages, identical content, different slicing. Or mulitple pages, identical and overlapping content, with different layer visibility and slicing. (e.g. background images for containers, wrappers, body. The workflow is there - maybe not ideal or what one may be used to - but it's there.


                    Maybe it's just me, but I find overlapping slices to be, well - confusing - or messy. Or maybe I'm just too set in my ways. :-)

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                      I followed this advice and set a master page with my main background. Then another page for the rest of my objects and slices.


                      now, an export results in nothing at all.  It doesn't matter if I uncheck or check everything, have one slice selected and right click to "export selected slice" or if I select one or several and use the menu option, Fireworks CS4 will not export anything from any file. A web graphics app that will not let you make web graphics? What's that?


                      What I could do was to export as a photoshop file with layers intact. Then I had to make new slices there and then I of course have problems exporting my transparent png's from there. For every nice feature in Foreworks there are bugs that bite and render any reasonable workflow impossible.


                      Actually I don't mind trying out software and finding bugs for the company that makes them. If it fixes them. What's Adobe doing?

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                        fixated247 Level 1

                        Hi all,


                        Can't get much later into this topic but just started using fireworks for the first time a few weeks ago and actually following a tutorial and have gotten to this point where i'm trying to export a rectangular slice of a tab and when i press save on the export dialogue it just creates an IMAGES folder but nothing in it. I don't have any other slices that it is overlapping as people are saying so don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong? I'm on CS4..


                        Did anyone ever figure this out? is it a bug? or is there something I'm not doing?


                        I'd attach the PNG but can't find a way to attach it here also..


                        Any help much appreciated!

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                          fixated247 Level 1

                          I understand what you are saying about the use of "pages" but I have discovered that my "master page" slices are the ones causing the issue so doesn't that make the "pages" unhelpful in regards to this? or am I not understanding correctly?.


                          The problem is even if I switch the eyeball off the master page the problem remains in the other page I'm trying to export my slices from! I'm only able to export my slices from other pages in the same document if I "delete" completely the master page! that is just insane surely? there must be a way around this issue.


                          I effectively have to delete my master page, export the slices from the other pages.. then close the document without saving it so I can still keep my master page for future requirements? but if I need to adjust or re-export the slices in future I then have to go through that work around again?

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                            Linda Nicholls Level 4

                            Notice the little camera icon in the text editing bar when you reply to this message. If you click on it you can upload a file.

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                              Linda Nicholls Level 4

                              Why do you have slices on te master page if you are just exporting images from other pages? Remove the slices from the master page and you should be able to do what you want.

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                                fixated247 Level 1

                                Hi, thanks for the help,


                                I'm actually using slices from the master page and this page.. to delete the slices on the master page will mean I cannot export that portion of the layout which doesn't help me get my whole layout into Dreamweaver?


                                I've decided to stick with the workaround of deleting those slices in the master page and then exporting the slices on the other page then just reverting the project back to its saved state. Just seems odd that its a problem in the first place on the software! But I'm coming from a photoshop background where the way layers are used is more like how I'd like fireworks to do it and so just expected it to be able to do that portion in that way..


                                thanks again

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                                  Dek Level 1



                                  Getting same issue now on CS5.5 running on 10.7 Lion now but problem has only just appeared.


                                  Some slices work, others don'tand some end PNGs don't match the slice area!?



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                                    I'm was getting the same issue with Fireworks CS4 on Mac 10.6.8. No overlapping slices, no strange characters in slice name or filenames - for some reason Fireworks had stopped exporting slices reliably. Sometimes it works, othertimes not and the dimensions of the resultant slices are not always in agreement with my slices in the fireworks png file. Is there some new bug with this or what??


                                    Then... I just created a test file to upload, thought I'd better test it first and ofcourse (it's like that intermittent problem with a car that disappears when you go to demonstrate it to the mechanic) - no porblem, my slices exported perfectly - go figure...

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                                      Wondering if anyone has had any luck with this issue? It's been around for quite some time - I have it and have had for quite some time on CS4 and Windows XP and now 7. So it evidently is across different platforms and OS's. I export the slices (not overlapping...I zoomed to gazillion and they are side by side) and they don't show up. The 2nd time, it'll even say that 'slice name' already exists, do I want to overwrite! Sooo frustrating.


                                      My work-around is to save to a different directory (usually desktop) and then drag them into where I want them. Time consuming and clunky but one does what one has to do.

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                                        Annoying as heck this overlapping slices bug!


                                        I wasted two hours trying to figure this out. I knew it had to be some bug because everything worked fine in the Preview.


                                        So is this def fixed in the later versions?