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    Multi Camera editing & stuff

    pfield69 Level 1

      I'm hoping to try something new if it is possible.


      I want to edit a recorded multi camera sequance as though it was a live transmission i.e. have 'monitors' showing the various synced video sources. I'm not sure if this is possible with Adobe (I have the master collection).


      If it isn't possible could someone advise on the best way to edit from 4-5 camera set-up (the cameras are set-up and are unmaned during meetings/ events).


      Whilst I am posting I slip in a cople of simple questions. How do I clean my hard drive of old files (my C: drive is rapidly running out of space although all projects etc should be stored on by D: drive)? Is it possible to export back to a similar encoded file as originally captured from DV tape. Un compressed DV yields a data rate too big to handle easily (300mbps) and MS DV is much smaller (3mbps) - the original capture was just under 40mbps.


      Thanks for any help you can offer

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          Phil Griffith Level 2

          Look in the help files for multi-cam editing. You can have up to

          4 camera (video clips).

          If all you have is a c and d drive, I recommend you get addition drives and use them for your video editing. especially if you plan on doing mult cam edits.

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            dsladek Level 1

            I've actually done a 2 hour, 2 camera AVCHD multicam project for a church. Even with a striped RAID 0, it started to move kind of slow so I broke it up into smaller projects. Having a RAID for your render drive is definately the way to go.

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              Phil Griffith Level 2

              Not having used AVCHD myself, I wouldn't know, but from what I've read on here you probably do need raid and split into smaller pieces. the op, on the other hand, indicates he is using dv from 4 cameras. So I'm not so sure he necessarily needs a raid for that. But definitely separate drives for his media.

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                pfield69 Level 1

                Hi chaps, thanks for responses.


                Just to clarify my hardware is a home built PC with a i7-950 processor corsair SSD 256gb system drive and 2 raptors running raid 0 as by data (D:) drive.


                I have read the help files about multicam view but unless I'm missing something you can only view one feed at a time. What I want to do is show all four syncronized feed running in real time so that I can choose which source I want.


                All captures except 1 are from DV cameras (import via firewire - no problems) the other is a digital camera which uses the MP4 format (not so easy - problems encoding).


                It would appear that if I tried to save the produced 1 hour video in uncompressed DV format the file would be just over 135gb!! (300mbps x 60 x 60 /8).


                The captured files are about 13gb/hour.


                Is there a better way to save the media for possible further editing i.e. a different encoder?


                Thanks for your help

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                  Phil Griffith Level 2

                  If you reread the help files on muticam, you will see that you will have all 4 feeds on screeen. you select the feed as you watch. Why do you want' to save in uncompressed? Are you referring to the mp4 clip (converting to uncompressed?) or the finished product? Why not stay with dv compressed, which is what your original clips are?

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                    pfield69 Level 1

                    Thanks for that Phil.


                    I'm still not sure what I am doing wrong but have at last produced a 4 view multi cam trial project. I re-read the instruction and thought I was doing it right. In the end I looked it up on youtube. I still can't always get the tracks to sync, is it that one has to be on track 1? The record selection is also slow (considering The system I have), I would have expected instant click - cut but htere appears to be a near 1second delay.


                    How would I save in the dv compressed method? Am I missing something constantly sending my project to Encoder (which isn't the most stable of software I've ever seen).



                    Thanks again for your help on the main issue.