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    Symbolic Links on Mac OSX


      I've got something of a problem.  We've got a CMS (content management system) that uses symbolic links to provide users with their own copy of a repository version without actually using any disk space.   So in a very simplified example:








      The working files are actually just a symbolic link back to a particular repository version.  If a user wants to change the version of the images in their comp, they do not need to change any paths, just change where the symlinks point to.


      This works great on windows, over smb/cifs.  We just started trying to extend this onto Macs running CS4 and mounting the filesystem over NFS.  AfterFX refuses to import an image sequence that is symbolic links.  When you try through the GUI, the 'Open' button in the import sequence dialog is greyed out.  When tried through the java script API, it simply throws an error.  I assume that what is happening is that AfterFX is simply checking if what is selected is a file (which will return false if it is symbolic link) and refusing to import if it is not a file.  It would be really useful to be able to import symbolic links.  Does anyone have any experience with this issue or is there a chance that Adobe could fix the Mac version to allow symbolic links to be recognized as sequences.





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          Hi, I just tested this here at the Adobe plant in mac CS4, and it seems to be working fine. To try it, I took two jpeg files on a server, and made links like this:


          mkdir linkTest

          cd linkTest

          ln -s /Volumes/serverDisk/mySequence/foo1.jpg .

          ln -s /Volumes/serverDisk/mySequence/foo2.jpg .


          Then in AE, I went to the import dialog, navigated to linkTest, and it showed foo1 and foo2.jpg and I was able to import as a sequence. Hopefully that will help you figure out what you are doing differently.

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            crimsoncor Level 1

            Thanks for taking a look.


            Oddly enough, when I switched to a OSX 1.6 machine from the OSX 1.5 machine, it started importing symbolic links fine. GIven that the 1.5 machine has exhibited other strange behavior anomolies (and isn't an artist machine) i'm going to chalk this up to the machine being weird.  The only odd thing left is that when After Effects saves the scene, it is actually saving the path to the target of the link, not to the link itself.  While it is possible to work around this with some adroit javascripting, it would be much cooler if After Effects was not resolving the symlink.