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    File size doubles when I "save as"

    Kurt Renfro

      I just installed Livecycle Designer ES 8.2 on new computer that's running Windows 7.

      If I open one of my forms that I created on my old computer with Windows XP and do a File "save as", the size of the new file is almost double.

      No changes were made to the file, just saved it with a different name.


      Original file size = 605 KB

      New file size = 1,075 KB


      I've tried this with several forms and the outcome is the same with all of them. The Target Version is "Acrobat and Adobe Reader 8.1 or later" and the file type is "Adobe Dynamic XML."


      I also get this Target Version Warning:


      Target Version Warning.jpg

      The warning has to do with hyphenation and letter spacing. I set the letter spacing in a text box to -10 so it would fit without going to a smaller font size. If I remove the hyphenation and set the letter spacing back to 0 the warning goes away.


      The point is, I've done this a hundred times or more with my old computer running XP and never experienced either of these problems.


      Any suggestions?