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    Smart Object sharpening in CR from PS via LR - not sticking


      Ok, here is what I am attempting to do. I have 2 images in lightroom. They are the same subject (landscape) taken with 2 different exposures. Exposure 1 is for the foreground, which was in shadow. The second exposure is for the middle ground and the sky via a virtual copy for the mid ground and the sky separatly. I make tone adjustments in LR then export as a smart object to PS. So I now have 3 smart objects. I make masks for foreground, mid ground, and sky.


      Now I want to go back to CR and make some final adjustments and sharpen each  masked photo prior to copying all 3 layers to one file.


      To begin with when importing the image as a smart layer from LR, CR does not open. The images get exported directly into PS. Now when I double click on the Smart Object icon it does open up into CR. I check to make sure the workflow option includes Open in PS as smart object. At this point I go through and make CR corrections including sharpening. I can see the changes and the sharpening on the screen but when I click OK, to put the image back in PS the changes do not show. I have tried making a snapshot of the corrections prior to clicking OK but the corrections still don't move.


      Now I have to tell you that since I am learning the programs I have exported as smart objects from LR prior numerous times. The first time I did it with each image CR did open up and did save the changes. The problem is with the learning curve I have needed to go back and redo the image to get it right. But now I can't get the changes to take.


      I am using PS V11.0.1.0, LR V2.6.0.2 and whatever CR is in there. I updated at the beginning of January. All on a fairly robust PC.


      Thanks for the help.