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    Cant even open premier 8



      Hi everyone,

      i am new to adobe photoshop and premier elements my mother got me this program for x-mas and i have uploaded everything including the disc with the programs on it and then the contents disc. Photoshop is working great for me but everytime i try to open up premier it just says there is a problem and shuts down with an adobe comment box saying state why it didn't work....


      If i knew the reason it wouldn't be happening .


      So i need help i have a dell xps bought about 2 yrs ago and i have windows on it no idea how to check rams and all that stuff but i really need help guys so please someone let me know what i can do thanks from megsie

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          megsie1986 Level 1

          it is a laptop by the way and it is model M1210

          I just lloked in my computer right clicked local disk c and clicked on properties and that tells me i have 57gb of space left. i have no idea what that means but yeah just thought i would post that as well

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            megsie1986 Level 1

            i also did something i saw in another topic similar to this where i went to run then typed in regidit then went to HKEY/CURRENT USER/SOFTWARE/ADOBE/PREMIER elements/8.0 then i deleted it.


            Don't know if thats write just need some guidence

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              nealeh Level 5

              megsie1986 wrote:


              i have a dell xps bought about 2 yrs ago and i have windows on it no idea how to check rams and all that stuff but i really need help guys so please someone let me know what i can do thanks from megsie

              Hello megsie and welcome to the forum.


              You will need to have a computer literate friend or colleague to help you out on this as there is a whole lot of the techie stuff needed to diagnose the problem and to try and give you a shot at running PRE8. I do think though that your laptop is most likely too underpowered to run PRE8 .


              I think it is this one here, and here. If so it is over three years old. The processor is a 1.6GHz Dual Core and in it's day (2006) this MP1210 was a pretty meaty laptop but it is borderline if it could cope, today, with PRE8.The standard MP1210 shipped with 1GB of RAM - really 2GB is a workable minimum but the full 4GB is preferred.


              Also you say it has 57GB free space. Again, for a 2006 laptop, a 100GB drive was good. But for video editing poor. The raw video files that PRE8 is 'happiest' with - DV-AVI Type 2 - use around 13GB per hour of movie (later in the workflow it is compressed to fit and play on a DVD). But, in addition to that 13GB per hour PRE requires temporary storage space to do it's stuff. And ideally this temporary storage ought to be on a second physical hard disk.


              [WARNING this is the section for your tech savie friend to help with] If you wish to persevere then as a first step update your laptop with the latest drivers from Dell here. Most of these are straightforward 'download and run' updates. But I suggest you leave the CD and BIOS updates to a techie. Once all that is done head over to Apple and download and install the latest version of Quicktime. Once all these updates have been installed delete or burn them to a CD (we want to maximise your available disk space so once installed the download sources (some of which are BIG files) are no longer needed Then cleanup your hard disk. Windows has 'Disk Cleanup' but a much better cleanup tool is CC (Crap Cleaner) that you can get from here. After all this is done defragment your disk with the windows defragmenter (or use a third party defragmenter - I use Auslogics but the progammers of CC also have 'defraggler').


              A final warning: Don't make registry changes purely based on internet recomendations unless you wholly understand the 'fix' and have backed up your registry. You may make your laptop inoperable.


              Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news,


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Neale covers much of this, but can you confirm you computer's specs? Your computer is a couple of years old and may not be up to snuff for running Premiere Elements 8.


                How fast is your processor and how much RAM do you have? What operating system are you using and have you ensured that you have all of the updates (including the non-critical hardware updates)?


                And do you have at least 30-50 gigs of free, freshly defragmented hard drive space? Without enough free, defragmented space the program will not be able to open.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  To get the specs. on your computer, go to Start>Run and type in "dxidag.exe" without the " marks. This will bring up a dialog box with about 10 tabs. Most of the important (for now) info will be on the first tab, System.


                  Now, for your techie friend, there are tips in this ARTICLE on setting up your computer, and preparing it for an editing session.


                  Here is a general troubleshooting ARTICLE. It is primarily written for Premiere Pro, but much applies to PrE, as well.


                  Last, when a program hangs, or crashes, there is often a breadcrumb trail left behind. This ARTICLE will give your techie friend some places to look, and what to look for.


                  I agree with both Neale and Steve, on ways to get your computer in the best shape possible. Video editing is about the most intense task that one can perform on a computer. It stresses all elements of the system, and in ways that most other programs never will.


                  Good luck, and please report what you do, and what your techie friend does. If either has any questions, we're all just an Internet connection away.