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    (New) motion tracking problem


      I took delivery of a new Dell last week. Updated drivers, installed only a few applications which included PRE8 and then started using the computer. Within a couple of days, motion tracking stopped working. I cannot identify any action which would cause this. I have followed Adobe Tech advice by working through a long list of actions to identify the cause/rectify. None of these actions resolved the problem. I reported the same problem in this forum in the computer that this new computer replaced. In the "old" computer the problem was resoved by opening a new user account. This action did not work this time.

      The problem: After manually "framing" an object to track, I select track object.  This process finishes with no yellow frame. I have used different source  files e.g. downloaded from camcorder (Canon HV20 HDV), sample files  from windows etc. The result is always the same.