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    Posting scripts as .jsx.zip files?

    John Hawkinson Level 5



      I'm relatively new here, but I've noticed a bunch of people have a habit of posting scripts as .jsx.zip files.


      Is there a concensus that that's a good idea?


      For me, it means that unless I was the person asking or I have a really strong interest, I won't download and unzip the script and read it. But if it's posted inline in a textbox (preferably with Insert -> Syntax Highligting -> Java), then I'll read through most scripts and both try to understand them myself and learn new things, as well as review/audit the poster's code and maybe offer thoughtful commentary.


      (Or sometimes ask a dumb question and offer incorrect commentary!)


      It seems to me that it's much better when more people read can casually read the scripts with easy. Is there a general feeling on this? Am I out in left field here?