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    Locked by template or Translator


      ok i know someone has posted this problem before but my problem is on a table... i am editing a template that has a table in the maincontent and i marked it as editible region...now that i am trying to merge the cells it says that "Mkaing this change would require changing code that is locked by a template or a translator" can someone please help?! thank you

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          Normally, this issue is caused by trying to change something that is not in an editable region. Without seeing the code, it's impossible to say what the actual problem might be. Upload the problem page to a website, and provide the URL.

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            I had this problem yesterday - on a defined site that contained NO templates (nor ever has).

            I copied (from source window) a select menu - from one file into the source of another file.


            I duly spent 5 mins writing a nice chunk of code to either show values or the menu in ASP VB - only to find when clicking into the wysiwyg screen - that horrible message 'Changed would effect a template... discarded' type message appear - thus losing me all my work.

            There was no library items, and no templates in either page.


            This is a serious bug - since I next tried copying the same select source code into TextPad first - and then from textpad copying it into the page to be edited - and herpresto! no stupid warning message anymore.


            AT least how about an option to over-ride that warning - until you get the damm thing fixed at least.




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