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    Missing font makes Adobe InDesign CS4 6.0.4 crash



      I am having a problem with the latest version of Adobe InDesign CS4 (v 6.0.4).


      I opened an old document which contained two missing fonts.

      I was able to correct the first one by changing it to an existing font.

      But when I tried to correct the second one, the application crashed.


      I did this:

      1. Opened the document with the missing font (the first font was now already corrected).
      2. In the warning dialog window saying a font was missing, I clicked "Find Font".
      3. The missing font was called "Helvetica (T1) Bold Narrow". I set it to be replaced by "Helvetica Regular".
      4. Then I clicked "Change All".
      5. Indesign CS4 crashes.


      This is the information about the missing font (note that it says "First Used: na" which is strange):


      Filename: <not installed>
      Full Name: Helvetica
      First Used: NA
      Font: Helvetica (T1) Bold Narrow
      PostScript Name: Helvetica-Narrow-Bold
      Style: Bold Narrow
      Type: Type 1
      Restrictions: Unkonwn (Font is missing)
      Path: Unknown (Font is missing)
      Character Count: 27
      Style Count: 0
      Page: none



      Does anyone have a solution, or is this a bug?