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    Premiere CS4 - AEP problem


      I have recently upgraded from Production Premium CS3 to CS4 to make use of the batch render facility in Premiere. I have a rather large CS3 project that opens fine (OK some of the garbage mattes seem to have moved, but I can fix them).


      My main problem is that this project contains 100s of AEP files (short keyed out green screen clips). These are all fine in After effects, and all show in the project fine. Appear on the timeline and appear fine in the source monitor. But will not appear on the main stage view and do not appear in the render.


      Does anyone know a fix for this? Am I missing something so blatently obvious I need to hang my head in shame. Or are there any other work arounds I can do. Im losing sleep over this.


      I'm running Premiere CS4 4.2.1, AE CS4 9.0.2 on Mac (OS 10.5.8) 2.66 quad core with 8GB of 1066 mhz DDR


      Many thanks in advance.