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    cut out through the background


      I have a logo with a lamp + letters. The lamp and letters are brown. They are placed on a background of cirkels (orange and white).

      The logo will be printed on a brown t-shirt. They want to save some money by only printing the orange and white. I need to cut out the shape of the lamp and the letters. They will not be printed, but as the t-shirt is brown, the cut-out-lamp and letters will be visible.

      I tried with pathfinder and it works only the cirkel turns brown (as the lamp is) and I want it to keep its original features.


      Can anyone help me?

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          It should work if you:


          1) Select the lamp and the outlined type, group them and copy them as the cut part;

          2) Select the orange parts and Path>Compound Path>Make;

          3) Also select the lower copy of the cut part and Pathfinder>Minus front (Subtract from shape area in older versions, remember to press Alt/Option if necessary to expand);

          4) Repeat 3), only selecting the upper cut part copy and the white rectangle in the background.


          Remember to also print the (opaque) white beneath the orange.

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            John Danek Level 4

            It's actually easier than that, Jacob.  Since the lamp and letters are "non-printing" color, the artwork can be colored "White" ( knock-out ).  But, the Orange and White will have to be modified so that White is actually output as another Spot or process color ( i.e., Magenta or even Black and, then on press, swapped for White ink ).  Funny thing about silkscreen is a  "Spread" will have to be applied to the Orange.  There will probably need to be a "Flash" White applied because of the dark shirt color.  But the lamp and lettering will simply knockout of the composite.

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              It's actually easier than that,


              Indeed, and at a superior level, but maybe requiring more explanations, or even enabling errors, by the printer or even in Illy, http://forums.adobe.com/message/2565170