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    CS4 multicore problem (random use of all cores?)

    bunny-burning Level 1

      hi everybody,

      after searchign the forums i need to ask this:


      im using ae cs4 with multicore enabled on a win 7 64bit, i7 920 (quad core + HT), 6gig ram

      szene with mov footage and a few filters (also one 3rd party filter i think) no audio

      at the beginning of the rendering ae is only using 1 instance of all 5 (shown in the task manager) 30% overall cpu usage

      and later (sometimes it seems) he using all of them simultaniously which gives me about 90% overall cpu usage

      and i see it on the render that hes outputting 4 frames at the (same) time <- THATS ACUTALLY WHAT I WANT!

      after 1 or 2 hours of rendering hes stopping that again at switches to single cpu rendering...


      i really dont understand why hes doing that.

      its not that i stop a filter or change anything in the comp. its for all frames the same settings...



      i really hope u guys can help me because it would just quarter my rendertimes!

      best regards,