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    Is there a global way to stop Overprinting?

    NickLW Level 1

      Overprinting is the bane of my life! The number of times I've nearly screwed up a print job because of a bit of unwanted and un-noticed overprinting!


      Any one know a simple way of ridding an Illustrator file of Overprinting? - or better still setting up Illustrator so that it doesn't allow Overprinting by default?


      I know about selecting individual objects and deselecting Overprinting in Attributes - but that seems very hit and miss as the average file has far too many objects to check.


      Am I right that Overprinting is object based rather than colour based? I say this because I am an ex-Freehand user. Freehand was a pain for Overprint but at least you only had to check your colour pallate to eliminate Overprinting ...