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    Flash to Flex Conversion Issues

    lkenney2 Level 1

      I have this project that worked perfectly in Flash, and my client needs it transfered into Flex. The Flash project was a single .fla file and a .as document class.


      I recreated all of the buttons, text areas, etc. in a single .mxml file. I replaced a movieclip progress loader with a progressBar, and changed the code accordingly.


      I changed "public class RecognitionApp extends MovieClip" to "public class RecognitionApp extends spark.components.Application"


      I included the Class in the .mxml file using:


                  import com.RecognitionApp;


      Finally, I added "applicationComplete='RecognitionApp()'" to to the <s:Application> tag.


      However, I get 161 errors, all of them "1120: Access of undefined property _______". I have put the correct IDs on all of the buttons. They exist in the .mxml file. Why am I getting this problem?