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    Does Elements have blurring capabilities?

    Kevin Elmore Level 1

      Hello, we're looking at purchasing a video-editing software.  At first, Premiere Pro sounded pretty good.  But, Elements looks like it may handle our needs. I presume that Elements may not have all the bells and whistles that are found in Pro, but it would have the same processing "muscle" to handle movies (ours are 1920 x 1200).  If I'm wrong on this, please correct me.


      The main purpose currently for our editing is to blur confidential information in the movie.  There would be several places that need to be blurred at once.  There shouldn't be a need to have the blur move with the subject, but, if we need it, it seems that graphics can move with a subject.


      So, my main question is this:  Does Elements have the capability to blur subjects?  I also welcome any comments or concerns that I need to consider before making this purchase.