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    play un attached file in pdf




      I would like to be able to read a n audio file in my pdf created with latex/xetex.


      I can play a movie on my computer.

      I can also attach a file.


      But what I,m trying to do is to play the attached file.


      I attach with this dvi code :


      pdf:fstream file (filename)
      pdf:ann <<
           /Subtype /FileAttachment 
           /FS << /Type /Filespec /F (filename)
           /EF << /F file >> >> >>     



      I play video with this :


      pdf:ann width 100bp height 100bp
            <</Subtype /Movie /Border [ 1 1 1 ] 
              /Movie <</F (filename)  >>  >>



      I would like to refer to the file I attached in the first step.


      Thank you for any help.