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    Error: "You need to install a printer" when you print in Photoshop CS4


      Hi, I get this message when I try to print a .psd file (I printed this file earlier without any problem on the same computer with the same printer!). The strange thing is that I can have one file open that allows me to print fine and another open that would only return this error. I tried to copy the layers to a new file and save (overwriting the old file) but this didn't work. For me, this had NOTHING to do with printer drivers (re-installed but no improvement) or the preference file (deleted and new one made, once again no improvement). It just seems as thought certain files that have been either created or re-saved in CS4 were corrupt with regard to printing, but fine otherwise.


      FYI, OS Windows XP Pro version 2002 SP3, PS CS4 11.0 with 6.0.4 updateerror message.jpg