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      How can I place a transformed object anywhere on the stage?

      FB4 Beta 2



      I have a spark Label as the only object in a mxml component. When I apply a rotation arround the x-axis using matrix3d, the text looks just the way I intended.

      When I place the mxml component to anythig different from x=0, y=0, the rotated Label is distorted the more the bigger the x and y values get. The rotated Label inside the mxml component stays at 0, 0.


      Any ideas?




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          concerning the distortion my first though was that this could be because the PerspectiveProjection point stays at 0;0

          so when you move your object/component it looks more distorted in relation to this point...

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            vivoices Level 1

            I put the Label inside a mxml component hoping the ViewPoint is attached to the Label or it's container.


            Why is the ViewPoint NOT moving with the mxml component?


            How can I fix this?




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              radikalFish Level 1

              there is only one, kinda global if you want...

              you need to update this every time your comp is moving...


              i've attached a file where you can see that.

              click anywhere to move the comp to the mouse position, when you delete the effectUpdate handler in the code you will see the distortion while moving..

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                vivoices Level 1

                Thank you radikalFish, that was extremely helpful.


                Tomorrow I'll find out if there are more than one ViewPoints per

                application, because I need one per rotated Label.




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                  vivoices Level 1

                  OK, the ViewPoint is not Application global, but component global i. e. there is one ViewPoint per component and as many in an Application as needed.


                  Thanks again, going on with the project.