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    Movie accessing loaded movie


      I have a movie called 'interface.swf' and it loads in another movie from the same folder called 'main.swf' into an empty movieclip.

      I then call functions inside main.swf from interface.swf.

      If I run interface.swf from a local folder, it will not work unless the location is added as a trusted in the Flash Player settings manager.

      If I run it through a web server, no problem.

      The problem is now, that I am trying to run this as a SCORM package through moodle, and moodle runs from a different folder on the webroot then where is stores it's files, and again it will not work.

      For Example:

      http://mysite/moodle - is where the application is ran from.
      http://mysite/moodledata - is where the swf files are stored.

      The path Moodle uses to play the files, which DOES NOT WORK is:

      But, if I call the file directly where it is stored, it does work:

      Notice, the file.php in the URL that does not work, I think this file passes the files so how.

      I have tried crossdomain.xml files, but I am not sure if they apply to this.

      Any Ideas?