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    obsolete lmc_tween.as?


      Dear forum

      lately I have to update/rework some old website made with Flash8 using the tweening classes from laco.wz.cz calling them using this code in the root first frame #include "lmc_tween.as"

      Needless to say they are not working with CS3

      How can I solve this ?

      Many thanx

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          They should work as long as the as file is in the same folder.  Be sure your publish settings are set for AS2.

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            feeVerte Level 1

            Thank you for quick answer

            Do you mean in the same folder as the application (as it was for Flash 8) or as the swf?

            I also thought maybe it is not correct to call the .as with this sintax (#include "lmc_tween.as")

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Just because you are using CS3 to edit a Flash 8 file, it does not change anything about how the file works.  It will still work like it always has as an AS2 file Flash 8 file... it will just become an AS2 CS3 file (though you can still save it as a Flash 8 file in CS3).

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                feeVerte Level 1

                thank you so much. I downloaded the classes from Laco again and let Extention Manager to install it again and it does work.

                Somehow, considering the ammount of time that elapsed, I thought this methods are not in use any longer (Robert Penner and such)

                I admit I havent had the chance to work in Flash CS3 (let alone CS4) and when my client asked me to go back to those old web site I freacked out! plus I am on a different Mac altogether...this is why the installation was needed I guess, as opposed to a straight copy of the .as file...


                My question now is...is this method obsolete and should I consider tutorials to replace it? or is still accettable nowdays?

                Hope my question makes sense

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I would say it is only as obsolete as AS2, which is still in full force for many designers.  Newer versions of Flash always support design created using older versions without any need to change anything.  If you have a design that was created using Flash 8, there is no need to change it in any way to update it for CS3.  Saving it as a CS3 file will not affect it execpt that it would no longer be accessible for editing using Flash 8.


                  CS3 also supports AS3 which is, which is the latest version of actionscript and is quite different from AS1/AS2.  It is not likely you want to update your file to use AS3... too much work and no meaningful value to do so.