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    Dreamweaver auto-selects first style or ID when inserting new Layer


      I've noticed a serious bug in DW CS4 (win):


      When instering a new Layer (DIV) from menu > Inert > Layout Objects > Div Tag

      The css and id box allows you to set an ID or style.

      Selecting from your list of styles (or ID's) works - but once clicked - Dreameaver immediatly reverts back to the first ID or style in your list.

      If you fail to notice this, your new DIV layer has the wrong style or ID selected.

      If you spot this happening - RE-selecting the style or ID from the drop-down a second time works correctly, and does not revert a second time.


      I'd rather not have to select ID's twice every time I insert a DIV tag - has anyone else noticed this?


      Tested on 2 machines running XP / DW CS4