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    Send and receive data between multiple peers

    W0utR Level 1



      I recently discovered Adobe Stratus, and wanted to try and create a small chat application.


      I watched the tutorial and from what i understand u can connect between 2 peers.

      So when i user connects to the chatbox, i just simply save he's id in a database.


      But now i'm kinda stuck, it appears that i'm not sending data to another user.


      These are my traces in the console:

      Connecting to Stratus

      Connected to Stratus

      peer ID: 57f92bacd2c44076f3a6f37f603b645e63c038b4e1ee4606ca516dc5395aa908

      peer ID added to the database

      Total users: 14



      I pasted my code here: http://pastebin.be/23267


      It would be nice if somebody could help me out with what i'm doing wrong.