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    How to set FlashPlayer Global Settings Manager when offline

    stellarinterface Level 1

      Our development team uses the FlashPlayer Global Settings Manager to set allowable domain names and URLs, so we can use the Flash Debugger (NetDebug / Trace) to debug and develop our ColdFusion and ActionScript applications. We usually just type in all the URLs of our trusted sites, as well as the IP address of our localhost, so we can debug our applications.


      The problem we have is, it seems the FlashPlayer Global Settings Manager is only available as an online URL - and you need an Internet Connection to access it. This works fine in our development environment, but in our test environement (classified/secured), we have no public Internet access, and therefore we can't access the settings manager.


      Does anyone know how we can access the FlashPlayer Global Settings Manager locally, or perhaps transfer the configuration settings we have on our development boxes to the test boxes, so that we can debug in our closed environment? Why does this tool need to be controlled online anyways, why can't we have this settings manager as a local application?


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.