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    Single-spaced lists without bullets or numbering?

    KJoyMcK Level 1


      I'm using some DHTML dropdowns for instructions with twisties. The twistie is a little triangle that points down when the DHTML is expanded, like this:

      expandtext.gif expandedtext.gif

      These twisties in effect, sort of act like bullets. My problem is that I can't find a way to make these task lists indented and single spaced as a bulleted list can be. Some topics have pretty long task lists, so I'm trying to make them single spaced to save room and because it looks nicer.


      Any ideas? Right now the code looks like this:


      <p style="margin-left: 40px;"><a class="dropspot" href="javascript:TextPopup(this)"  id="a1">Add Accounts Manually</a> </p>
      <div class="droptext" id="POPUP420454810" style="display: none;">
          <?rh-placeholder type="snippet" ref="Add Accounts Manually" ?>


      The <a> tags have the actual text of the list item while the DHTML effect is in the div tags. In previous lists, I've removed the <p> tags to get rid of the double spacing. In this case though, I want the text indented, so removing <p> doesn't work for me.


      I'm using RH8 to a WebHelp output.