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    Exporting a key page graphic?


      Probably a simple solution this but I have a key/attribute page which I've created that I would like to export as just a key page to use on another machine.  while it is easy to export just the background I've loaded in, I cannot seem to find a way to export my background and text together as one key page.  Instead, I'm getting my keypage with a black background because all I can seem to do is export these as "movies."


      What am I missing here?  I have one student making all attribute/key pages for everyone but I'd like it so that she can simply make a template which the other students can rename and use as they see fit.


      Thank you!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If I understand what you are wanting, you can do a Save_As for your Project, and then pare it down to just what you want/need. Then, when you have cleaned everything up and distilled to the basics, just Save. You will then Import THAT Project into another. Everything will be there, and editable, so long as the actual media Assets are available too (very, very important). Now, if the location changes with these, the user will need to relink to the new location. PrPro makes this easy to do, and will help you navigate to the new locations. If you need more details on the ins and outs of the media Asset relocation, just ask, and someone will step you through it.


          Good luck,




          [Edit] If the Keyframing attributes will be added to other Assets, the user can use the Copy for those, and then Select the other Clips, and Rt-click and choose Paste Attributes.


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            whsstudent Level 1

            Thanks Bill, that did work.  Now I have a similar yet different problem.


            I made a moving ticker with numerous moving parts for a student to use who is producing all of our graphics for our montly production.  He already has a workspace sequence he is using and we want to simply add the work I did, with ALL of the individual elements and placements I created, to the project he already has.


            I have done this but always come up with one of two options:


            1) I've done a project save, imported that into his project.  This works, but when we drag the new sequence into place, the video is all one element which cannot be seperate into the many pieces it once was.


            2) I can simply open the project I was working on but this means the student is working on multiple projects/sequences which isn't a very good workflow.


            What's the best way to get this project, fully in-tact, from one machine to another via our network drive?


            Thank you!

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I think you want to double click on the imported sequence to get to its source sequence.