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    color discrepancies




      I am someone that has just kind of fallen into graphic design on a very amature level through my work in nonprofits.  I am working on developing a logo for a new campaign and am having difficulties with colors.  Here is my situation.


      I found a lovely color (someone blue-ish green-ish) that I wanted to use from a website.  So I captured a print screen and got the CMYK values in Photoshop.  I then made that color in Illustrator and began to design.  But every time I export the logo to a .jpg and look at it on my monitor, the color is completely different and looks more like a periwinkle.  I understand that there are often discrepancies between color on a monitor and color when it prints, but I didn't know that it also varies depending on the program you are viewing it through on the same computer and monitor.  I have designed other logos and have never come across this problem before.


      Is there anyone that might know what is happening here and how I can actually arrive at finding the color that I want and have the proper output?


      I hope this makes sense!  I don't have any formal training in design or with any of these programs and I am sure am not using the proper terminology.


      Thank you in advance for your help!!!!