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    [JS][CS3] Ungroup, and use

    Roy Marshall Level 1


      I am looking for some pointers, rather than finished code.  I have an InDesign page, where I have selected a group, containing 2 image frames.  I need to ungrooup, remove one frame, and do some actions on the remaining frame.


      I have spent some time trying to do this in various ways, but cannot seem to achieve this.  If I ungroup (myGroup.ungroup();) I end up with 2 frames, but neither are selected, so I cannot act on them.  I can remove one rectangle from the group, but the remaining rectangle is still in a single item group, so I cannot act on it as a single element.


      As I said, if someone can point me in the direction to take, a would be grateful.  That said, I will not dismiss any code that someone posts either!!


      Many thanks as always