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    HELP! Setup Error - AGAIN!!!

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      Trying to install CS4 (premiere). After I click on the setup icon I get a message...


      -Setup Error

      "Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. Contact Customer service"


      I DO NOT WANT TO CALL THOSE PEOPLE BACK. I'm so frustrated...


      The problem started when I could not install the content pack for encore. I posted a message on here and got nowhere so I call up Customer Service... I was on the phone while the guy (in India or somewhere) looked up issues and kept putting me on hold for 5/10 mins over and over and over for about an hour.... Finally he said to try uninstalling CS4 the reinstall then load the content package.


      I uninstalled and tried to reinstall with the burned copy I had backed up. The serial number (that I looked up on my adobe store account) wasn't working... I call back up - another hour on the phone while him looking stuff up - they seem like they have NO clue....   he tells me that I need to re download the file online and not use the burned CD. So I do that... 1.5 hours later I’m here and I can't install... almost 2 days lost trying to get this up and running...

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Nice vent!. So what do do you expect from us, users? Help on installation? If so, tell us where and how your try to install. Linux, which version, on a CP/M machine with 64 K memory, from a 360 K floppy, or an iPOD?


          Some suggestions...

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            shooternz Level 6

            Is your "burned copy" of the Adobe product a legitimate purchased version, or a download file you have burned to disk?

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              Andrey V Level 2

              Well you will have to uninstall CS4 and use registry cleaner, search and delete all adobe CS4 folders found on your harddrive, and run registry cleaner again. After that you should be able to install your soft ones again.

              I think the problem is not in the software installation but in your operating system. You might not have all permissions open to install software or add-ons to the soft. So to avoid that espesially in Vista you need to install your soft as a Administrator. You could right click on you executable file and select install as admin...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Along with that (with one, or more duplications), here is the general Adobe program installation list:


                1.) run as Administrator

                2.) Extract any archived downloaded file, including the FULL folder structure.

                3.) install to C:\ only. You can do custom folders, from the default, but install on C:\.

                4.) turn off all AV, pop-up blockers, spy-sweeping software

                5.) turn off all firewalls, and lower the security settings, if necessary. Look for individual "safeguards," and turn those off - differs by OS

                6.) have plenty of free space on your C:\

                7.) check your OS's language and keyboard language against the language that you are using to install, and also the language that you DO install

                8.) burn incense and blow the smoke towards San Jose, CA, USA (may need to get a glove out), and do the "wiggly dance," turning only clockwise.


                OK, that last one is just a precaution, and is probably not really necessary.


                How did your installation attempt rate on that list?


                Good luck,



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                  i see 216 others have posted questions on this issue on this forum from searching "setup.exe", including myself, so i'm just responding to the recent ones.


                  i recently downloaded trails of flash cs4 and web premium package cs4 (took a day to download at high speed starbuck's internet). couldnt get the setup.exe to work or the uninstaller to work. surfing tech support over next couple weeks to try various agents was useless and expensive until i finally reached someone with useful info. all the agents had foriegn accents and read from scripts and web support pages until yesterday, when i reached a guy who told me two things i'll report to various forums addressing this same issue:


                  1. download the "windows install clean up" program from window's website (google: windows install cleanup) to uninstall everything adobe. then go through your folders to erase any adobe remnants. this program is different from the uninstaller that doesnt work in the programs and features area of the control panel when you try to uninstall adobe products from there.


                  2. windows explorer 8, the newest version, DOES NOT download adobe software properly and leaves things out, causing all sorts of issues including the setup.exe program not working. download firefox browser from mozella (google: firefox) and use it for all adobe downloads. apparently the old windows explorer 7 will work, but if you already have explorer 8 installed its easiest to just use firefox.


                  i'm spending the next couple days downloading the 4.14 G web premium trail with firefox and will report if this works.