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    Problem with Spry Menu


      I have two problems related with Spry Menubar in Dreamweaver CS3.

      First I would like to make the menu transparent (I have a nice graphic I would like to show under). I cannot make it in IE. I wonder if anybody has any ideas.


      Second my menu has a strange behaviour.

      I use the following code to load a page named test1.html into a div named MyDiv of the page that has the menu:


      <li><a href="javascript:loadURL('Test1t.html','Mydiv');" target="_parent">Item1.1</a></li>


      the LoadURL function runs correctly.

      However the first time I load the page in IE I need to click 2 times on Item1.1 to load test1.html. After that the menu works correctly loading test1.html with only one click. Pretty strange!!!!


      Any help is very much appreciated.