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    mouse prox problem

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      Trying to get mouse prox to work for a colleague.  He found this piece of code [below].


      I pasted it into a FLA that works great without it.  Try the attached file and delete the code below and you'll see that it works.  Then paste back in and it doesn't.  Can someone tell me why this mouse prox code doesn't work and what I need to do to fix it?


      // Icon scaling animation by mouse proximity


      Var circlePos = piSpan * (hi -- Xmouse);
      Var scalePercent = Math.cos(circlePos/2);
      Var iScalePercent = diff * (1 - (scalePercent * scalePercent));
      Var iXpos = x - (state * hZ * scalePercent);


      // then add the button information and function