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    uninstall corrupt Adobe reader 9


      When I open "all programs" in my Win XP I see Adobe reader 9 listed. However, when I click on it I get an error message that the path is not valid. I would like to uninstall and reinstall the reader or else another reader that will open pdf files for me. When I attempt to uninstall it I also get a similar error message regarding an unvalid path.  Can some one help me find a utility some place that would clean my system and install a working pdf reader for me? I dont use it often but when I need it I would like to have a viable reader. Thank you.


      P.S. My laptop has Win XP and Adobe reader 8. It works just fine. I have no idea how I acquired Adobe reader 9. on the desktop. If I knew how it got there I would make sure it doesnt happen again.


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