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    Help With Master Pages


      Hi all -

      I'm more of a finance guy who has been given the task to design a PDF with forms - so please excuse my naivete as designing isn't my strong point.


      For some reason now, my Master Page is showing up in the middle of my document, between two forms. In the Hierarchy, the Master Page is still on top, but when I view it in Acrobat or scroll down in LiveCycle, I'm seeing a blank page in the middle of my two forms. Any ideas what might be causing that and how I can correct the problem?


      When I started, I just kept adding a new blank page and adding my form fields/text fields/objects/text. The document is now about 30 pages long.


      I'm using Acrobat 9 Pro Extended and LiveCycle Designer 8.3


      My thanks in advance for any help!