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    Prompted to install Adobe reader but its already installed

    Sandro Cella

      The issue is that a computer using IE7 is promted with this message 'Adobe acrobat reader must be installed and is required to view the report selected - Would you like to download adobe acrobat reader now' when attempting to view a pdf document on a web page.


      I was able to view the document on my end and e-mailed the saved version to the customer and he is able to open it up fine. I walked this user on opening up the document inside IE7 and it opens up fine. At this point, if he access the report off the web page it will work fine. But if we close IE7 and try to access the report, we run into the same issue.


      Other computer on their network is having the same issue.


      Unfortunataly, i have no access to there computer.


      Any helps or tips on this would be apreciated.